Introducing the #Thankyouclimbers Project--a collaboration with filmmaker Tisha Robinson-Daly to bring awareness to tower climbers, the men and women who scale telecommunications towers for a living.

Moved by the increasing number of fatal workplace accidents involving tower climbers, Tisha was inspired to write and will soon direct a narrative feature film, HIGH, about these men and women and their work, which takes place between 100 to 2000 feet up in the air.

After meeting Tisha, who in addition to being a filmmaker is also a tower climber advocate, I no longer view the sky in the same way. Now when I look up, I think about the tower climbers who make my connection to the internet (even reading these words) possible.

The #Thankyouclimbers tee shirts feature our original chalk on blackboard artwork inspired by actual climber selfies. These shirts, along with the film, seek to raise awareness and express gratitude for the brave men and women on the front lines of keeping our modern world connected through technology. #canyouseethemnow

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