#ThankYouClimbers Portrait Series

If you are reading these words, some Tower Climbers, somewhere nearby, have made that possible. Before meeting writer/director, Sundance Fellow and all-around wonderful person, Tisha Robinson-Daly, I never would have even known that Tower Climbers existed. So, I am honored to collaborate with her on the first ever #ThankYouClimbers Portrait Series to express our gratitude to Tower Climbers and increase awareness of the fact that men and women are up in the sky doing this complex, exciting and dangerous work every day.

We're looking for climber selfies to use as inspiration for the #ThankYouClimbers Portrait Series that will be featured on beautifully crafted tee shirts. To submit a photo for consideration, simply post a selfie on social media along with the hashtag #thankyouclimbers.


  • The portraits will be done in chalk on a painted wood blackboard similar to my self portrait above.
  • There's nothing to "do" except be yourself. We're looking for selfies that capture your personality; the same kinds of selfies you'd post to social media or send to your loved ones are what we're looking for. 
  • Safety First. DO NOT attempt any daredevil shots.
  • We need to see your eyes so, no sunglasses, but eyeglasses are just fine.
  • Hard hats and work gear are a MUST!
  • Have fun with this: smile, be goofy, be serious, just be yourself. And be safe.

Follow the hashtag for inspiration to see what other climbers are doing. Post as many selfies as you'd like.

We can't wait to see the coolest people in the sky.

Thank you Climbers!

J.M. Wilson